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Rowsome Leather

Traveller's Notebook Elastic Guard/Pen Loops | Browns

Traveller's Notebook Elastic Guard/Pen Loops | Browns

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This dual-purpose piece guards the edge of your journal from elastic marks, as well as accommodating a pen or pencil, so you can be ready to write or draw. 

Made from 2mm leather, in a range of tempers (firmness) and textures (feel). 

These pieces are part of my Sustainable Scraps collection. The aim of these pieces is to reduce waste, and keep my art as sustainable as possible. As with all pieces in the collection, I do not charge for supplies (unless it is a premium leather). I only charge for the time it takes to make each piece, and any applicable overhead. This allows me to offer smaller goods at an affordable rate!

These elastic guards ship FREE via letter mail. Please consider time required for delivery to your address when ordering. 

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