From sourcing materials, to designing and creating the final product, sustainability and environmental impact have always been a priority.

I commit to providing products that you will cherish for a lifetime, through the creation of long-lasting goods, carefully selected suppliers, and low-impact production.


    At Rowsome Leather, I design pieces with you in mind. Personal love and passion for my work, as well as making things that I would (and do!) use, result in a final product that is both functional, and a work of art.


    I only use leather that is a by-product of the meat industry, made at tanneries that are committed to environmental impact standards. I also work with materials reclaimed from items destined for the landfill.


    Each and every one of my pieces is created by hand, reducing the environmental footprint. Traditional methods mean limited machinery, and old-school skills that ensure your piece will last a lifetime.



I stand by the quality of my work, as well as my service. All my products have a lifetime guarantee from defects that are the result of my work. For more information regarding my customer service policies, please see my Policies + FAQs section below.

Policies + FAQs



Taking the dive into quality, handmade leather goods is just the beginning. The care I put into creating each piece is only the start - it's up to you to continue the journey.

Your piece is an investment, and periodic maintenance is the best way to ensure longevity. Below is a guide to get started, and ensure you can hang onto your piece for as long as possible.

Caring for Your Piece