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Rowsome Leather

Micro-Mini "Scrap Books" | Long-Stitch Bound Books

Micro-Mini "Scrap Books" | Long-Stitch Bound Books

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These micro-mini books are made using materials originally destined for the landfill!

The covers are made from leather salvaged from furniture, garments, discontinued swatches, and other leather goods that were at the end of their useful lives. 

The pages are made from standard printer paper, recovered from whatever printing I do throughout my day (ex, shipping paperwork, patterns, etc.). Please note that these pages are all blank! No existing printing or marks will be present on any of the pages. 

As part of my passion and pledge to keep my art sustainable, and to limit the waste produced, I have repurposed these materials to give them new lives in the form of these micro-mini books. 

As with all pieces that are a part of my "Sustainable Scraps" collection, I do not charge for materials. I only charge for my time spent constructing each piece. 

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